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The products we build range from custom web applications to simple websites for freelance companies. Whether big or small, we take pride in every project we build.

FastTrack ITMS

FastTrack ITMS (Information Technology Management System) is a IT magement solution for managing in-house stock, asset, maintenance, and product order/procurement. The system ties in with JIRA instances to read references to Asset entries as well as ties into Active Directory to manage security groups, Exchange Accounts, and ID Badge Managment. The system also includes a built in risk registry for IT departments to log threats to system stability and security and a dashboard module for displaying up-to-date information on a wallboard.


Melody is a django-powered application for booru-style art galleries. Currently in alpha testing.


ConOps is a web application for managing conventions. Be it anime, fandom, or gaming ConOps is a comprehensive tool to help manage operations, lost and found, panelist and panel scheduling, room & spacing scheduling, as well as Staff HR and Volunteer Time Tracking. 


BalanceBot and Gmod are a set of tools for moderating chatrooms on the popular messaging service Telegram. The bot is capable of several different features and modes including antiflood protection, antispam protection, a comprehensive warning system, and automatic ban management. The bot also can welcome new users, keep track of the flow of traffic in a channel, and much more. In addition to the Bot, allows for a dedicated page for each chatroom BalanceBot serves, allowing for the display of rules, staff, restrictions, and the modification of bot settings right from the Web UI.